About the Designer

Divya Kanakia is a powerhouse designer who churns out incredibly innovative styles. She is a qualified computer engineer, who transitioned into a career in fashion design. Hailing from Kutch the land of embroidery, Divya feels she naturally inherits an eye for detail in colour, embellishments and fabric; she believes that her designs are for the modern South Asian woman, who prefers ready-to-wear universal yet exclusive clothing. As a designer her forte is creating garments that women can mix and match for different occasions. The designer also has deep love and heightened appreciation for Indian clothing craft and utilizes authentic traditional work while maintaining the sophistication that a garment demands.

When questioned about what drew Divya in the creative clothing industry, she told us: “I always found joy in dressing up others, so designing has always been a natural instinct for me.”

As young as seven, Divya followed her mother to design workshops and would provide her innocent yet creative insights about the colours and design patterns being used during the manufacturing of outfits. She became the favorite advisor of the tailor of her mother’s business.

The self taught and now established designer always had her friends and family wanting her fashion insights during her teenage years. Her size-zero sister and best friend was Divya’s favorite muse – Divya experimented with garment shapes and all sorts on her beloved sister/model. And that’s when Divya realized she was born to be a designer. Her transition from a computer engineer into a clothes designer was nothing short of effortless as Divya truly belonged in the design field – since her teenage years the now professional designer would dream clothes in 3D and have sleepless nights sketching until the image in her head would be transformed perfectly onto paper. Now, isn’t this the ultimate proof of her insatiable love for fashion?

Divya’s Design Philosophy

The designer’s philosophy for her authentic creations is inspired from rich embroidery patterns. Her client profile is of a woman who cherishes art and appreciates the beauty in patterns. Ladies should consider Divya’s pieces as long-term investments to keep glamour in their outfits in all seasons. Divya’s creations are unique yet versatile and compliment all sorts of outfits. For instance, her universal sari blouses could compliment any basic banarsi sari and give the final look of a fusion outfit. Divya adores clean cuts and detailing as much as she loves the Indian art especiallyage-old embroidery techniques.

So if you catch our lovely Divya sitting by & just smiling, which usually happens in love, and Divya confirms that she is forever in love with fashion.

In conversation with the Designer

Divya has given her team some important advice regarding fashion that we would like to share with our followers.

Divya emphasizes on the following points:

  • Build your ethnic wardrobe with few garments that will be for keepsake – they could be passed on as heritage from generation to generation. That will result in vintage fashion in the future and who doesn’t love vintage?
  • For your ethnic closet take cues from your grandma’s closet: The banarasi, garas, pure silk, handlooms, embroidery etc. Treasure stuff, which even yourdaughters could wear her special days.
  • Simplicity can truly be beauty – white on white can make one go weak in the knees.
  • Get the innovative “LBB” (“Little black blouses”) which have neat cuts, minimalistic and give a really sexy look.
  • And lastly, always pay attention to detail – its all in the little sequences and the curved zari work.